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Support directly to improve the lives of poor children in Honduras.

For a hungry child ... your love makes a difference.

By hiring our cleaning services, you are helping to contribute and feed a child in need. No matter how much you are able to donate, each donation makes a huge difference. Thanks to your generosity

Your gifts make the difference: where there is LIFE, there is LOVE

Blessed is he who considers the poor ... Psalm 41: 1

What a blessing and privilege we have to share life! Behind every scope, every change of life.

This mission is not possible without your love, generosity and compassion. Your love and gifts of compassion make a difference!

For a hungry child … your love makes a difference.

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Honduras, Tegucigalpa

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. 48.3 percent of its population lives in poverty and 60.1 percent in rural areas.

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